Welcome to Jyotish Light


Thank you for being here. Jyotish Light is a compilation of my observations from the learning and practice of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. Most probably, what has brought you here are the very questions that brought me to Jyotish, the ancient science of India, also popularly known as Vedic Astrology.

It starts with the Why

Who are we, why do we experience events, people, situations in our lives in a certain way. Usually triggered by an experience we may have had.

And then the How and What

Over time, as i have continued to learn through my teacher and on my own, my questions have partly turned into a fascination of the subject.

Jyotish can be one of the many ways to understand one’s Karma,its also a powerful predictive science (Only a few wise get this right).

Is it for real

When one sees Jyotish working in day to day life, from notable celebrities to common people like us, one wonders whether there are higher powers that seem to influence our destiny, our choices, and experiences. Reflections & Learning

Of course it has been badly misused by people to further their gains or play on others fears. Minus the superstition if one studies it as any other science then it can be of value. Differentiating between Astrology and those who practice it

Staying grounded – Tailwinds and Headwinds

Studying Jyotish has made me realize that all good and challenging aspects of our lives are not solely manifested by us (at least in this life).

That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try to take responsibility of ones actions. Free will vs Destiny, still don’t have an answer yet, maybe both exist side by side.

Jyotish Light is for whom

My attempt through this website is to share my ever growing understanding and also to learn more from far wiser and experienced practitioners. Its also an effort to distinguish between “knowing theory” and applying it into “practice”.

It is easy and tempting to come across as an intellectual based on just theoretical information. Especially when people want quick fix answers. Every chart is unique

Jyotish is a vast complex subject. Very few wise ones are able to transition from theoretical knowledge to applying the principles in real time situations with consistent accuracy. For the time being, I am on that road however I am not sure if i will ever reach that stage.

By no means I am a know it all, and so as a disclaimer there could be many aspects which i have overlooked or unaware of. The idea is to keep learning and share our collective experience.