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Investment and Wealth

Investment as a profession and Wealth

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology requires analysis from many parameters on what any chart indicates in a person’s life in different areas be it profession or career, wealth or investment, etc.

One begins by looking at the charts from multiple angles (Lagna, Chandra Lagna, Dasha Lagna) and divisional charts and then trying to infer what a certain dasha or time period might enable in terms of life situations.

As you can imagine, it is not a straightforward process and requires judgement on the part of the Jyotishi or Astrologer to connect different parameters.

One’s profession or career generates a lot of interest and curiosity. So what would be certain indications of someone pursuing investment or investing as a profession?

The inherent potential for Wealth

Certain static inherent placements in the chart do provide clues and indications.

Example : Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman, is an American investor, fund manager and philanthropist.

Below is the birth chart from Astrodatabank.

Before we proceed, there is a disclaimer. The birth chart is from public source and hence not completely verified.

Does the chart show inherent potential – Let us take a look at the main D1 birth chart:

When one thinks of investment or wealth certain houses come into focus. These would be what we call as wealth bestowing houses: 1, 2, 5, 9 and 11. In addition, the 8th house of other people’s investments also requires evaluation.

The 5-11 axis in the chart also gains significance. One of the meanings of 5th house is that of speculative investment and the 11th house is of gains.

Dhana Yogas or Yogas for Wealth

When any of the above houses or its rulers combine especially on the 5-11 axis one gets a starting indication that the native has wealth in his or her chart.

This then needs to be checked from the Chandra lagna as well to see if the trend continues.

In this case there is a concentration of planets in the 5th house. Mars as the 5th lord is strong in its own sign and there is a 5-9-7-10 combination in the 5th house creating Raja and Dhana Yogas.

Saturn and Venus also combine in 2-11 way to add to this. The 8th lord Moon goes to the 2nd house.

This continues to repeat from the Chandra Lagna when Mars, Mercury and Sun combine to give 8-9-11 combination and Venus becomes to Yogakaraka (Rules both 5th and 10th houses) combining with 2nd Lord Saturn.

Investment as a likely career – When the 5th house of speculative investments and 10th house of profession or their rulers combine it is an indication of one pursuing a career of wealth management. This could be especially true when they also form good Dhana yogas.

Please keep in mind, there are many more meanings of these houses so it is just one of the interpretations.

In this case, the 5th lord Mars combines with 10th lord Mercury in the 5th house of speculative investments. The trend repeats from the Chandra Lagna where Venus becomes both the 5th and 10th lord.

Strength of Planets

To understand this, one needs to look at both the main birth chart (D1) and the Navamsa (D9).

  • The Lagna lord Jupiter is in its own sign Sagittarius in D9 which is always helpful in enhancing the overall chart
  • The 5th lord Mars is strong in its own sign and further gets strength being in its own sign in D9 too.
  • The 9th lord Sun is exalted in the 5th house with the 5th lord
  • The 10th lord Mercury is its own sign in D9
  • The 11th Lord Venus is exalted in D1 and in its own sign Libra in D9.

These are some very powerful grahas or planets with sources of strength which means they will enhance the result of their period.

The Timing

Bill Ackman began is investment and wealth management profession in 1992 when he founded Gotham Partners. Rahu – Ketu period followed by Rahu – Venus and Rahu – Sun (all participants in the Dhana Yoga).

His major boost came in 1998 when Gotham Partners generated assets worth 500 Mn USD. The period – Rahu Mars.

In Conclusion

This by no means is a full analysis, however demonstrates the power of Dhana Yogas activated when evident from multiple angles and having a source of strength.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.

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