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Astrology indications of a career as an Architect

Parameters that contribute to a career as an Architect

Becoming an architect, I would assume, requires a fair bit of artistic finesse while at the same time combining it with technical skills of constructing a building.

A fundamental part of studying Jyotish is to understand the meaning of the planets and the signs they rule.

What would be certain parameters to keep an eye on which repeat in the charts of professional Architects. Let us explore.

Natural Significators in the charts of an Architect

  • Venus – Venus is the natural significator of all things aesthetic.
  • It represents Comfort, Material Indulgences, Arts and Artists, Designers, Beauty, Vehicles. Essentially all finer sensual pleasures in life.

A strong and unafflicted Venus is a natural benefic and softens up areas where it influences. 

  • Mars – Represents Engineering, Construction, Land and Buildings.

Mars is the graha of energy and drive. It is a natural malefic and indicates interest in technical aspects of profession (if it influences). 

House Significations

  • 4th House/Lord – Represents Home and Property. Also land and real estate.
  • 10th House/Lord – Represents ones Karmasthana. In modern terms, ones profession and career.
  • 1st House/Lord – Represents oneself and the native’s focus in this life. 
  • 3rd House/Lord – Represents Artistic/Athletic talents. Courage and self efforts.
  • 7th House/Lord – Secondary house of Career as it is 10th from the 10th house.  

Before elaborating further, I do want to again emphasize that Jyotish is a very technical subject requiring careful weighing of many variables and no one factor determines the complete picture. There are always exceptions. Every chart is unique

Underlying parameters to factor in

I scanned the charts of a few prominent people who chose a career as an Architect. A few patterns emerge:

  1. Venus has a source of strength
    • Exalted (placed in Pisces, especially close to 27 degrees) or
    • Moolatrikona sign (Libra upto 15 degrees) or
    • Own sign (Taurus or Libra) or 
    • Involved in an exchange or
    • Having Directional strength (placed in the 4th house) or
    • Having a source of strength in the Navamsa chart (all the above)
  2. Mars having a source of strength (Not always)
    • Exalted (placed in Capricorn, especially close to 28 degrees) or
    • Moolatrikona sign (Aries upto 12 degrees) or
    • Own sign (Aries or Scorpio) or
    • Involved in an exchange or
    • Having Directional strength (placed in the 10th house) or
    • Having a source of strength in the Navamsa chart (all the above)
  3. Venus is connected to the the 1st or 10th House/Lord
  4. Connection between Venus and the 4th House/Lord
  5. Connection between the 4th House/Lord and 10th House/Lord

A Few Examples

Example 1: Alice Dye (Bio) (Chart)

Alice Dye was an American amateur golfer and golf course architect known as the “First Lady” of golf architecture in the United States.

  1. Concentration of grahas in the 4th house.
  2. 4th Lord, Saturn going to the Lagna and having a source of strength in the Navamsa
  3. Venus is in the 4th house and gets directional strength. 
  4. Venus continues to be in the 4th house of Navamsa getting directional strength again.
  5. The 10th Lord, Sun is in the 4th house and is with Venus.
  6. Sun gets directional strength in the Navamsa in the 10th house.
  7. Mars is in the 7th House and aspects the 1st house and 10th house.
  8. Mars has a source of strength in the Navamsa (Involved in an exchange with Saturn)
Example 2: Bennie Gonzales (Bio) (Chart)

American architect known for a distinctive style of Southwestern architecture which has since been widely copied. Gonzales designed most of Scottsdale, major municipal buildings including Scottsdale City Hall, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and the Civic Center Library.

  1. Venus is in the 10th house and aspects the 4th house involved in an exchange with the Lagna Lord and 10th Lord Mercury
  2. Additionally, Venus has a source of strength in the Navamsa (Swakshetra)
  3. Mutual aspect between Lagna Lord/10th Lord, Mercury and 4th Lord, Jupiter
  4. Mars aspects Mercury as the 3rd Lord
Example 3: Eric Lloyd Wright (Bio) (Chart)

American architect, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. and the grandson of the famed Frank Lloyd Wright.

  1. Venus as the 4th Lord is Swakshetra in the birth chart and vargottama (Continues to be in Libra in the Navamsa)
  2. Strong Mars (Swakshetra) as the 10th Lord aspects the 4th house
  3. From Chandra Lagna, Venus becomes a strong 10th Lord in the 10th house aspecting the 4th House

Please note

PS: We all have all the 9 grahas (planets) in our charts. A strong Venus significantly enhances the indications for the individual to be interested in artistic pursuits including as an architect. However, this needs to be seen in the context of the whole chart along with additional qualifying factors.

Clearly not everyone having a strong Venus becomes an Architect. A Venus with strength and unblemished can also manifest as being blessed with satisfying relationships, general friendships with Women and other artistic interests.

Does this mean there are no exceptions? By now you would have realized that in Jyotish it is important to stay a student and not adopt a dogma. As i continue to study more, there can be other patterns that might emerge for a career as an Architect.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.


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