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Career transitions and how situations can pan out

The Career Explorers

I am sure quite a few of us have come across instances of people in our daily lives who have navigated more than one career successfully.

In popular culture, this is often attributed to a mid- career crisis which triggers introspection and soul searching, and often results in a new life direction professionally.

The reasons attributed: lack of purpose and fulfillment, external circumstances, more independence etc. And yet there are also those who have stayed focused (or stuck depending on how one sees it) to their original line of career.

Does Jyotish or Vedic Astrology provide any insights on this area is the question i start off with.

The importance of Dashas or planetary periods for career transition

Certain static inherent placements in the chart do provide clues and indications. These get activated when the Dasha (planetary period) embarks.

Example : Maggie Vessey

Maggie Vessey is an American athlete who competes in middle distance track events. Vessey represented the United States at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics and 2011 World Championships in Athletics in the 800 m (Wikipedia)

What is even more interesting and admirable is that she has navigated to a career in fashion and real estate advisory. (Wow! and totally unrelated).

Below is the birth chart from Astrodatabank.

Before we proceed, there is a disclaimer. The birth chart is from public source and hence not completely verified.

Does the chart show inherent potential – Let us take a look at the main D1 birth chart:

Career as an athlete (Ketu major period)

When one thinks competitive sports as a profession there are a few parameters to observe:

  • 1st house and its ruler – Lagna lord and its placement can indicate ones focus in life
  • 3rd house and its ruler – Signifies Artistic or Athletic Talent
  • 6th House and its ruler – As 6th house can mean competition
  • 10th House and its ruler – 10th house is the house of career or profession
  • Mars – As the natural Karaka or significator of Physical prowess and Athleticism
  • Further confirmation in the D10 chart of career

From the Lagna, In this case, the 1st Lord (Mars) and the 10th Lord (Saturn) are in the 6th house of competition. From the Chandra Lagna as well, the 10th Lord Sun gets the aspect of Mars (1st and 6th Lord).

10th Lord of career in the 6th house also produces a Dur Yoga (can result in frequent career changes).

Further, in the D10 chart the Lagna Lord Venus and 6th Lord Jupiter combine in the 4th house (More on this later) and aspect the 10th house of career.

She first gains prominence as an athlete beginning 2008 for the Olympic Trials. She ran her major period of Ketu from 2006 – 2013. How can Ketu bring this result in Athletics?

Ketu is vargottama i.e. it continues to stay in the sign of Sagittarius in both the D1 and Navamsa charts. Hence it has a source of strength and will give its results strongly.

Ketu in her chart is in the 9th house along with the 6th lord Mercury and 5th Lord Sun. Ketu being a chaya graha, gives the result of Mercury which rules the 3rd and 6th house, thereby activating the 6th house of competition.

Fashion line of clothing and Real Estate (Venus major period)

Let us know understand what could have brought about the Fashion line for track clothing in 2013 and a successful transition to a real estate advisor.

Maggie, began her Venus period in 2013. What can the potential themes that Venus can bring about in this long 20 year period:

  • Venus is the natural Karaka or significator of relationships. In her chart it also rules the 7th house of marriage. She marries in July 2017 in Venus – Sun period
  • Venus is the natural Karaka for luxury and fine clothing
  • In her chart, Venus has a source of strength being in its own sign in the Navamsa capable of giving its results strongly
  • Venus is placed in the 10th house of career and aspects the 4th house of real estate
  • The Nakshatra dispositor of Venus is Moon which rules the 4th house
  • In D10 chart, Venus is the lagna lord and sits in the 4th house again and aspects the 10th house
  • Through the Dasha lagna, Venus becomes a strong Yogakaraka ruling both angle and trine houses.

Connecting the dots: The Karaka of relationship and luxury is in the 10th house of career and aspects the 4th house of real estate.

Maggie is a real estate advisor.

In Conclusion

This by no means is a full analysis, however demonstrates how a change in the planetary periods can bring about a transition to ones career.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.


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