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Chart Analysis and Research

Chart Analysis in Jyotish or Vedic Astrology takes time and is a continuous learning process

Namaste fellow learners. My apologies for not updating with site with any recent chart analysis.

My full time work has kept me busy. And partly my struggle to find charts from which we can derive any meaningful insights or learning.

I have found, researching on charts to be usually a time consuming and concentration intensive process.

Usually i spend time scanning through many peoples charts and understanding their story and then doing an analysis on whether a coherent picture emerges or not.

It is not that Jyotish or Vedic astrology is unable to explain events, its usually my limitation on not able to derive the right insights or analysis. However, when the analysis is correct it is a very satisfying feeling.

How do i go about finding charts for analysis

Usually, i spend 60-70% of the time finding unique stories that can be analyzed. This takes time.

Sometimes, it is based on a theme as a starting point. Example, success at work, or wealth or nature of work (travel, teaching etc.) or life events (marriage or childbirth etc).

Usually i look at celebrities and their stories.

Sometimes, its looking at the planetary positions of the grahas in the past and picking a year of birth to study. This is when the natural Karaka significations seem to be enhanced. i.e. The last time when Venus was exalted in Pisces or when Saturn was exalted in Libra etc.

The analysis

Once there is a unique life experience, the next step involves in checking whether a valid birth chart exists. The balance 30% of the time is on analyzing the chart and trying to make sense of the flow of life events.

There are days when one look at the chart and the mind starts forming a holistic picture and there are days when staring at the chart yields nothing.

Then there are times when i keep thinking about the chart for days at the back of my mind and one fine day an insight appears.

Jyotish is a divine science, and the universe decides when the student is ready to receive the insights.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.


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