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The curious case of Hemming

What is Hemming?

In Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, whenever in a chart a house or a planet gets exclusively sandwiched by natural benefics or malefics its known as hemming.

Theory says, whenever this happens the natural significations of that graha or house get enhanced or diminished significantly (keeping all other factors aside)

Does it always go as per the norm?

This phenomenon has got my attention. I searched for cases where there might be exceptions to this norm. I have came across a few famous ones where the outcome seem to not follow the theory. (More on this later).

Example : Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn is an American actress and director (Wikipedia). Below is her birth chart from Astrodatabank.

Natural Karaka – The first thing that gets ones attention is Jupiter, the natural karaka (significator) of children. It is in the 8th house, retrograde and is hemmed exclusively by malefics Saturn and Ketu and also the additional aspect of another malefic Mars. In short, all challenging stuff.

Does it have a source of strength? For sure yes. Its vargottama (meaning it continues to be in the sign of Scorpio in the Navamsa).

However, my reading has been that having a source of strength primarily magnifies the intensity of the experience either on the positive side or the challenging side.

5th House/Lord – From the birth Lagna (Ascendant) the 5th lord (Sun) gets the influence of Saturn and the 5th house gets the aspect of Mars (Both challenging). From the Chandra Lagna (Moon), the 5th lord Mercury goes to the 12th house under the influence of Saturn.

Divisional Chart – Lets take the D7 (Saptamsa or the divisional chart for children). The 5th lord Mercury goes to the 6th house (Challenging again). However, Jupiter is placed in an angle and is with a benefic Venus (Helpful)

Timing – Yet, if we read the bio, we know childbirth did happen. So what explains? The childbirth did take place in Jan – Feb, 2017 which would make it Jupiter-Ketu period. So the event DID take place and it happened in the major period of the natural karaka Jupiter.

So what are the lessons from this?

The lesson from this for myself and other lifelong students:

  • Avoid jumping to conclusions.
  • Do not be dogmatic in predicting outcomes. Speak in probabilities and potentialities.
  • If someone comes asking for advice or consultation never paint a black and white bleak picture and always be considerate of the other person. The Universe knows more than any Jyotishi or astrologer can predict.
  • The experience of the individual (Karma maybe) can play out in many ways when the right dasha is active.
  • Timing – I have seen a few cases where the natural karaka even if hemmed, gives out its natural signification results in its major or sub period.
  • Stay humble that you can get your analysis wrong.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.


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