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Jupiter (Guru) and Law

The connection between Jupiter and Law profession

The classics of Jyotish indicate that Jupiter is the significator of Law. Is that the case? Let us find out.

Jupiter (Gurudev) is one of the Navagrahas (planets) in the Jyotish system and probably the most significant one alongside Saturn (Shanidev).

Jupiter, in general, is a natural benefic and blesses everywhere it influences in a birth chart. Along with Saturn it also makes significant events eligible to manifest in our lives.

Jupiter or Brihaspati, is the guru of the Devas in ancient Vedic traditions. Hence it denotes wisdom, religious faith, spiritual teachers, classical learning and Dharma.

It also represents Law and Idealism. Two important qualities needed to have a formal inclination in law related fields.

A fundamental part of studying Jyotish is to understand the meaning of the planets and the signs they rule.

While this article does not cover the meanings of all, I do want to show (through examples) how a strong Jupiter is found in some of the famous practioners of Law. 

Before elaborating further, I do want to again emphasize that Jyotish is a very technical subject requiring careful weighing of many variables and no one factor determines the complete picture. There are always exceptions. Every chart is unique

Underlying parameters to factor in

I scanned the charts of a few prominent Judges in courts of Law. A few patterns emerge:

  1. Jupiter has a source of strength
    • Exalted (placed in Cancer, especially close to 5 degrees) or
    • Moolatrikona sign (Sagittarius upto 20 degrees) or
    • Own sign (Sagittarius 20 to 30 degrees) or 
    • Involved in an exchange or
    • Having Directional strength (placed in the 1st house) or
    • Having a source of strength in the Navamsa chart (all the above)
  2. If Jupiter is connected to the Lagna (Ascendant) or the first Lord the influence becomes stronger
  3. The native is of Sagittarius Ascendant (Lagna)
  4. Connection between the 10th and 6th houses

Why the 10th and 6th house? 10th house is our Karmasthana or in modern terms the house of activity (i.e. profession) while 6th house indicates litigation, opposition and disputes (which law professionals need to deal with).

A Few Examples

Example 1: Sandra Day O’Connor (Bio) (Chart)

She was the first woman Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and held the position she held from 1981 until her retirement in 2006.

  1. The Lagna (Ascendant) is Sagittarius
  2. The Lagna lord, Jupiter goes to the 6th house, indicating a major focus in this life
  3. Jupiter is involved in an exchange with 6th Lord Venus (which becomes exalted in Pisces and has directional strength)
  4. There is a 6-10 connection (Venus aspects the 10th house)

Example 2: Jens Christian Mellbye (Bio) (Chart)

He was a Norwegian judge. He served as a Supreme Court Justice from 1968 to 1992.

  1. Jupiter is in the Lagna and gets directional strength, however is debilitated
  2. The first house has Jupiter conjunct with Mercury (6th Lord) and Venus (10th Lord)
  3. Mercury gets directional strength too and is strong in Navamsa in its own sign
  4. Many grahas (including Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Moon) have a source of strength in the D10 (chart of profession)

Example 3: William Rehnquist (Bio) (Chart)

American lawyer, 16th Chief Justice of the United States, who served on the Supreme Court for 33 years and presided over many important cases.

  1. Jupiter, is in the Lagna and gets Directional strength
  2. Jupiter has a source of strength in the Navamsa (having directional strength and involved in an exchange with Saturn)
  3. The 6th Lord Mars aspects the 10th house and has a source of strength (involved in an exchange with Venus in the Navamsa)
  4. From Chandra Lagna, Jupiter becomes a strong 6th Lord aspecting the 10th house
  5. Jupiter continues to have a source of strength in D10 (Directional strength and placed in Aquarius)

Please note

PS: We all have all the 9 grahas (planets) in our charts. A strong Jupiter in the chart is one of the recurring theme in the charts of law professionals (especially Judges). However, this needs to be seen in the context of the whole chart along with additional qualifying factors.

Clearly not all of us are in the Law fields. A Jupiter with strength and unblemished can also manifest as interest in spirituality, teaching etc.

Does this mean there are no exceptions? By now you would have realized that in Jyotish it is important to stay a student and not adopt a dogma. As i continue to study more, there can be other patterns that might emerge for a career in Law related fields.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.



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