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Jyotish and Winning Lottery. Sudden gains in wealth

Is winning a lottery as random as it seems?

Winning a lottery is no child’s work. From a layman’s perspective it seems all too random.

A typical lottery is managed and run by state institutions or even private entities. In older times, it was a means to socially collect sums of money to fulfill state objectives: building state finances, helping the poor, funding wars etc.

In modern times certain countries do allow the practice to continue, especially The United States. The system is designed in such a way that the odds of winning are reduced as much as possible yet enticing enough for people to participate and be hopeful of beating the odds.

Mega Millions is one such Lottery entity.

The preciseness of Jyotish to explain wealth in an individual’s life is explained by the Dhana Bhavas (Wealth houses).

Does Jyotish or Vedic Astrology provide any insights on this area is the question i start off with.

One thing leads to another

Example : Jacki Cisneros

Jacki and her husband , a couple from Pico Rivera, CA, won 266 Millions dollars in the Mega Millions lottery on 5 May 2010. Link

Jacki was working as overnight assignment desk editor for KNBC-Los Angles when they won the jackpot.

“She discovered during her usual routine on the assignment desk very early that morning that the winning ticket had been purchased at the Pico Rivera Hawaiian restaurant.

Cisneros quickly realized that that was where her newly unemployed husband Gilbert Cisneros had bought a lottery ticket. A quick wakeup call to her husband, then a check of numbers was all it took to determine that they held the winning ticket“.

In a sweet turn of events, her husband who lost his job a few weeks ago had purchased the lottery ticket. The challenging news is followed by the good news of the lottery win.

Below is the birth chart from Astrodatabank.

Before we proceed, there is a disclaimer. The birth chart is from public source and hence not completely verified.

Does the chart show inherent potential – Let us take a look at the main D1 birth chart:

Dhana Yogas and 8th house of sudden gains

Certain static inherent placements in the chart do provide clues. These get activated when the Dasha (planetary period) embarks.

Wealth in an individual’s life is indicated by how strong the Dhanya Yogas are. Dhana Yogas are formed when the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses or their lords combine.

These should have sources of strength. In addition, the 8th house of sudden gains usually comes into the picture too. In this case:

From the Lagna:

  • The 1st house ruler (Moon) goes to the 2nd house of wealth
  • Mars as the Yogakaraka, ruling both 5th and 10th house combines with the 1st ruler Moon in the 2nd house
  • The ruler of 2nd house, Sun is exalted in the Navamsa
  • Mercury is in the 2nd house with Moon and Mars and is involved in an exchange with 2nd lord Sun and hence strong
  • Venus and Jupiter, the two natural benefics combine 9th and 11th lords to form another Dhana Yoga. They also positively aspect the 8th house ruler Saturn and are in mutual glance
  • Venus has a source of strength in both the D1 and D9
  • Rahu is in the 8th house of sudden gains in its own sign and hence strong. It participates in aspect from Moon, Mars and Mercury

On the challenging side, 8th lord Saturn is debilitated. Mars and Mercury do seem to be in a planetary war with 1 degree of separation

From the Chandra Lagna:

  • The Dhana Yoga pattern repeats with Sun and Mercury combining to form Dhana Yogas
  • Mars becomes the Yogakaraka again (Ruling 4th and 9th houses)

Special Yogas: Mars and Moon combine to form a special yoga called Chandra Mangala Yoga in the 2nd house of wealth. This special yoga is a wealth giving yoga and further enhances the already present Dhana Yogas.

In addition the strong sun also lends into a Subha Vesi yoga with both benefics Jupiter and a strong Venus in the 2nd from Sun although under the aspect of Saturn.

Rahu – Activation of the period

Teachings say, that Rahu and Ketu being chaya grahas or shadow planets work as amplifiers to the inherent yogas that exist.

That is, they give the results of the planets they are associated with even more powerfully than the constituent planets themselves. They also bring about sudden unexpected events in a person’s life.

Jacki won the lottery unexpectedly when her husband had purchased a ticket. This happened on 5 May, 2010. The period: Rahu – Rahu – Mars

As we studied above, Rahu is strongly placed in the 8th house of sudden gains. It gives the results of:

  • 8th lord Saturn (under the influence of two natural benefics) forming Dhana Yogas
  • Mars, Mercury and Moon forming Dhana Yogas in the 2nd house of wealth
  • Activation of Chandra Mangala Yoga in the 2nd house of wealth

In this case it seems the planetary war between Mars and Mercury did not seem to affect the outcome to a greater degree.

In Conclusion

This by no means is a full analysis, however demonstrates how planetary periods when activated can bring luck in winning lotteries.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.

Pic: Image by Alejandro Garay from Pixabay


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