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Travel for a living

The travel aficionado

Quite a few of us wish for a profession that allows them to tap into their ‘travel bug’. A few actually get to experience this either through a corporate arrangement or going solo.

Does Jyotish or Vedic Astrology indicate potential of such experiences coming about in an individual’s life. Every chart is unique.

Lets travel through this article to find out.

Few parameters to consider which indicate travel in one’s profession

How can one go about looking at a chart from a static potential and identifying patterns for travel:

  • Jupiter which is the natural Karaka or significator of travel (Long distance)
  • Mercury which is the natural Karaka or significator of travel (Short distance)
  • Rahu which can mean foreign places, people or influences
  • The 9th house of long distance journeys
  • The 3rd house of short distance journeys
  • The 12th house of Foreign locations
  • The 7th house of Travel especially Foreign locations for work
  • The Lagna Lord and its placement (especially connected to the above)
  • The 10th house of career (especially connected to the above)

We analyze these combinations from the Lagna, the Chandra Lagna and the Dasha Lagna. And finally assess the likely scenarios the ongoing Dasha (planetary periods) can bring about based on the strength of the planets in the chart.

Whenever such patterns emerge and the appropriate dasha is active, chances are travel is on the cards. This is confirmed in the divisional chart for profession, the Dasamsa or D10.

As you can see it requires one to study and synthesize many factors and intuitively see whether a coherent story emerges.

Travel for living

Example : Shannon O’Donnell

Shannon O’Donnell is an American writer, traveler and public speaker. She has her own travel blog she founded to document her travel and philanthropy throughout the world. (Bio)

In 2013 she was named Traveler of the Year by National Geographic.

Below is the birth chart from Astrodatabank.

Before we proceed, there is a disclaimer. The birth chart is from public source and hence not completely verified.

Does the chart show inherent potential – Let us take a look at the main D1 birth chart:

A World famous World Traveler and Author

In 2008, she starts a new venture and decides to travel solo around the globe over the course of a year.

Let us analyze the charts (D1, Chandra Lagna and D10).

From the Lagna – Jupiter rules the 9th and the 12th house is placed strongly in its own 9th house. Sun which rules the 5th house (of writing) is conjunct Jupiter along with Mercury (ruler of the 3rd house).

From the Chandra Lagna – This combination of Jupiter and Mercury repeats with the positions reversed. Mercury becomes the 9th lord and 12th lord combining with the 3rd lord Jupiter in the 3rd house.

Jupiter and Mercury both have sources of strength. Jupiter is in its own sign in D1 chart and Mercury placed in its own sign in the Navamsa.

Hence they are likely to give their significations and results strongly (albeit under the influence of Saturn and Mars which modifies the picture).

In the D10 chart, again Jupiter and Mercury have a Sambandha (Connection) aspecting each other and strong in their own signs respectively! In D10 the lagna lord Moon is with Jupiter as the 9th lord.

The picture starts emerging. More on Career transitions

2008 and Jupiter as the major period

The major period of Jupiter activates the 9th and the 12th house thereby bringing the above themes into prominence.

To understand why Venus as the sub-period could trigger the event, we need to look at the Dasha Lagna where from Jupiter as the lagna Venus goes to the 12th house of foreign countries. Venus is also in the nakshatra of Jupiter thereby forming a connection.

What is interesting is that Shannon is an accomplished writer on travel. The 5th lord Sun (of authorship) is with Jupiter in the 9th house along with Mercury, the natural Karaka of writing.

Shannon has been a traveler ever since during the rest of her Jupiter period (till 2015). She continues to operate from foreign locations sharing her worldly experience of cultures and travels.

Saturn major period, with Saturn as the 11th lord of groups and social communities in the nakshatra of Jupiter forms a connection to the 9th house and engaging with the broader world.

In Conclusion

This by no means is a full analysis, however demonstrates how the activation of time periods can bring about travel in your life.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.


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