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How Timing works in Jyotish or Vedic Astrology

Timing events – When the insights come

One of the most unique and powerful aspects of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is that it provides frameworks and ideas for even a semi-beginner student to reasonably predict timing of probable scenarios.

I do not mean to suggest its a walk in the park in a casual manner. It still requires practice and experience and is always work in progress. Its relatively easier to analyze past events in hindsight than timing future events in probabilistic scenarios based on the context.

In my limited experience, most of the charts need a careful evaluation and synthesis of many parameters and quite honestly sometimes can be mind numbing.

However, sometimes its so elegant that one is awed by the simplicity of it.

Connecting the dots

Recently while doing some research on common patterns in the birth charts of known astrologers, I came across the chart of Jessica Adams.

Example : Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams is a British astrologer and author. She is quite well known for her columns in magazines. Below is her birth chart from Astrodatabank.

How destinies are interlinked – As per the bio, Jessica Adams was born in London. At the age of nine (which would be the year of 1973) her family moved to Tasmania, Australia.

So here is an example where the individual’s life situation of relocating to a foreign country is triggered by the circumstances in the immediate family. If the family would not have moved, she would not have her experience of having a foreign residence.


Patterns in the Birth Chart – So what explains this? To begin with, let us study the chart from a static potential.

Parameters to consider:

  • Residence – 4th house and its ruler
  • Foreign Connection – 12th house and its ruler and Rahu
  • Family of Origin – 2nd house and its ruler

Residence – The 4th house and its rulers are the first point of consideration when analyzing aspects related to residences and homes. In this case, Libra is the 4th house and its ruler is Venus. Venus as you can see is placed in the 12th house along with Rahu and Mars. (Clue)

Foreign connection – There are many indicators of this. Suffice, to say the 12th house and its ruler and Rahu are the primary drivers for consideration. In addition any planet connected with the 12th house or its ruler when activated in its dasha period can bring about the event.

Family connection – One of the meanings of the 2nd house is one of the individual’s immediate family. As you can see, the 12th lord Mercury is in the 2nd house bringing a foreign element to the immediate family (Clue).

Synthesis – We will cover the specific timings shortly, however, even before we go there what do the static positions indicate? If I can explain in one line it is ” The ruler of residence is placed in the house of foreign locations and the ruler of foreign locations is placed in the house of family, thereby connecting the dots

And this is where the simplicity comes out

The Timing – As per the bio, the specific relocation happened in 1973 (we do not know the month). That would mean in Vimshottari Dasha the major period of Mars and the sub period of Saturn or Mercury.

Mars is in the 12th house of Foreign locations as the major period. The sub-periods (Either Mercury or Saturn) mutually aspect each other and Mercury is the 12th lord in the 2nd house of Family. Hence, both are eligible to bring this event.

Divisional Chart – Lets take the D4 (Chaturtamsha or the divisional chart for home and residence). From a static view, the 4th Lord (Moon) again gets the aspect of the 12th lord (Jupiter) so the connection continues.

Major period lord Mars is in the 3rd house of movement and in the sign of Gemini (ruled by Mercury). And hence there is a connection between Mars and Mercury. So my sense is that this could have happened in Mars – Mercury.

Creating a spark

Readers, if all of this goes over the head then please do not worry. Also, to those new to this subject all this might sound very cryptic. My request is to study more either through a well respected teacher or even read yourself.

My effort is just to create a spark and appreciation for the subject.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.


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