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Sun or Leo and Career in Government Service

The connection between the Sun and Government Service

A career in Government service is quite a serious pursuit for many Indians. My guess is, this pattern also repeats with citizens of many other countries.

Why is this the case? Although i am not a government official myself, I do have immediate family connections who have been in the Civil service.

I can imagine why this is the case.

A career in the Government either as a politician or a civil servant:

  1. Brings with it a certain authority to the individual
  2. Brings reputation and status to the individual
  3. Enables the individual to command and lead other people
  4. In ancient times it signified royalty (which continues to exist in Modern state monarchies)

You must be wondering how this connects to Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

A fundamental part of studying Jyotish is to understand the meaning of the planets and the signs they rule.

While this article does not cover the meanings of all, I do want to show (through examples) how the Sun and the sign it rules (Leo) feature as an influence on quite many Government officials and public office holders.

Before elaborating further, I do want to again emphasize that Jyotish is a very technical subject requiring careful weighing of many variables and no one factor determines the complete picture. There are always exceptions. Every chart is unique

Why the Sun

The Sun is one of the two luminaries in Jyotish along with the Moon. The Sun is what gives life to all living beings and is the center of our known Solar System.

In Jyotish, the Sun represents the soul of the individual and is one of the major factors to consider to determine the overall conditioning of the birth chart.

Additionally, the Sun represents (and the sign it rules, Leo):

  1. Father
  2. Our Self-Esteem and Ego
  3. Our Authority and Leadership abilities
  4. Ability to be create things
  5. Royalty and Nobility
  6. Dealings with Government and Superiors (including bosses)

You can now see how some of the attributes that make a person gravitate towards a career in Government Service coincide with the attributes of the Sun.

PS: This ego part manifests in both favourable and unfavourable ways depending on many factors. However, a strong Sun under the influence of natural benefics (Jupiter and Venus) does indicate a person who is self assured and confident (There can be exceptions).

A Few Examples

I scanned the charts of many prominent Government/Public office holders. A few patterns emerge:

  1. The Sun is associated by Placement, Aspect or Conjunction with the 10th house of Career (and its ruler)
  2. The Sun is associated by Placement, Aspect or Conjunction with the Lagna Lord or the 1st house
  3. The 10th house of career is ruled by the Sign of Leo
  4. There are cases where this takes place from the Chandra Lagna
  5. In a few cases this pattern takes place in the D10 divisional chart of career and profession

Example 1: George W Bush (Bio) (Chart)

  1. The 10th Lord Mars goes to the Sign of Leo
  2. Sun is in the 10th house of Career from the Chandra Lagna.
  3. Sun has a source of strength (exalted) in Navamsa.
  4. In D10 Sun is with the Lagna lord Moon.

Example 2: Barack Obama (Bio) (Chart)

  1. The Sun aspects the 1st house by placement
  2. From the Chandra Lagna, the Sun is in mutual aspect with the 10th Lord Saturn
  3. In D10 the Sun is with the 10th Lord Saturn

Example 3: Narendra Modi (Bio) (Chart) (Unverified birth time)

  1. The 10th house of Career is in the sign of Leo
  2. From the Chandra Lagna it repeats as Moon is in the Lagna

In addition, the same patterns emerge in cases of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Rajiv Gandhi, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford and a few more.

Does this mean there are no exceptions? By now you would have realized that in Jyotish it is important to stay a student and not adopt a dogma. As i continue to study more, there can be other patterns that might emerge for a career in Government.

Thank you for patiently reading and for your constructive feedback and insights.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


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